About me

I am a British translator and writer, based in Berlin. My specialisms are fiction and non-fiction, art, journalism and theatre texts.

My most recent translation is Siblings by Brigitte Reimann (Penguin Modern Classics, UK and Scribe USA). Read here for an interview in the Guardian about the translation.

Other publishers I have worked with include Little Brown, Scribe Publications, Dialogue Books, John Murray and Seagull to translate works by Anke Stelling, Silke Scheuermann and Theresia Enzensberger, among others.

I organise Transfiction, a collective of translators specialised in translating arts texts together with Karen Witthuhn. I also proofread and edit translations from German to English. And for clients who require relevant, coherent content, I transcreate German advertising copy.

What my clients say

[P]assionate self-reflection, political insight and a fierce commitment to the art of fiction on practically every page …

– Review of I Have No Regrets by Brigitte Reimann in the Times Literary Supplement, 9 Oct 2020 by Ian Ellison

Thank you very much for your fine piece of work!

– Sebastian Zabel, Chefredakteur, Rolling Stone Magazine

Ich weiß nicht, ob ich Ihnen schon gesagt habe, dass ich ein großer Fan Ihrer Übersetzungen bin.

– Regina Gödecke, Collection Management, Painting & Sculpture, Kunsthalle zu Kiel